On April 21, 2023, VA announced that it is halting additional deployments of the new federal electronic health record (EHR) until it is confident that the system is highly functioning at current sites and ready to deliver for Veterans and VA clinicians at future sites.

This readiness will be demonstrated by measurable improvements in the clinician and Veteran experience; sustained high-performance and high-reliability of the system; a return to expected levels of productivity at the sites where the EHR is in use and more.

When these criteria have been met, VA will release a new deployment schedule and resume deployment activities. In the interim, VA will continue to work closely with Oracle Cerner to improve the reliability and performance of the EHR and to optimize the EHR’s configuration to address anticipated needs at future VA sites.

The only exception to the full-stop on deployment activities is the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) in North Chicago, Illinois, where the federal EHR is currently scheduled to go-live in March 2024. Lovell FHCC is the only fully integrated VA and DOD health care system, and both departments are working together to implement the same federal EHR.

This federal EHR will meaningfully improve Veterans’ health outcomes and benefits decisions, and we remain committed to successfully implementing it across America.

FY21 Deployment Schedule

1 VA Medical Center deployed in Fiscal Year 2021
Site* Location VISN Wave* Size** Congressionally Approved
(August 2020)
Go-Live Date
Mann-Granstaff VA Medical Center Spokane, Washington 20  IOC Small FY21 Q1 Went live October 24, 2020

FY22 Deployment Schedule

4 VA Medical Centers deployed in Fiscal Year 2022
Site Location VISN Wave* Size** Congressionally Approved
(August 2020)
Go-Live Date
Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center Walla Walla, Washington 20 B Small FY21 Q2 Went live March 26, 2022
VA Central Ohio Healthcare System Columbus, Ohio 10 A Medium FY21 Q2 Went live April 30, 2022
Roseburg VA Health Care System Roseburg, Oregon 20 C Medium FY21 Q3 Went live June 11, 2022
VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics White City, Oregon 20 B Large FY21 Q2 Went live June 11, 2022

FY24 Deployment Schedule

1 Joint VA/DOD Medical Center in Fiscal Year 2024
Site Location VISN Wave* Size** Congressionally Approved
(August 2020)
Go-Live Date
Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center North Chicago, Illinois 12 l Large FY24 Q2 Went live March 9, 2024

* Site Order: Subject to change due to clinical and technical findings from the current state reviews, VHA ongoing readiness assessment, risk assessment and findings from initial operating capability.

** Size: The VA medical center (VAMC) size classification is based on the facility complexity model for deploying the new EHR. Patient population, clinical services, other research programs and number of beds are weighted to determine the small, medium and large VAMC scale.