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Recent Additions

  • PagerDuty logo


    PagerDuty is used to automatically generate notifications upon identification of product issues or failures.

  • Medallia logo

    Medallia GovCloud

    Suite of tools for capturing and analyzing customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), user experience (UX) feedback.

  • Manager Advantage by cyberFeds logo

    Manager Advantage

    HR tool used to guide Managers and Supervisors through common workplace issues.

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Categories in the catalog with active items

Products that offer analytic solutions to transform data into insights.

Products that offer automation tools to replace repeatable processes and reduce manual input.

Products that offer solutions to enable communicating and sharing data among users and systems.

Products that offer tools to facilitate document control and ensure records comply with regulations.

Products that offer tools to assist in managing clinical spending and billing cycles.

Products that offer solutions for patients to ensure they have the best treatment for their physical and mental well-being.

These products offer to manage patient records in a healthcare system to ensure patients have the best care possible.

Products that offer tools to manage and assist with human resource tasks.

Products that offer tools to assist users with quick retrieval of focused information such as facts, abbreviations, and a medical library.

Products that offer tools to maximize organizational efficiency, such as analytics and scheduling software.

Products that provide access to scholarly research or tools to enable efficient management of research projects.

Products that offer training programs, modules, and platforms for users to enhance their professional development and credentials.


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